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Introduction and Application of Various Plastic Materials
1. AS (SAN) acrylonitrile-styrene transparent energetic adhesive
AS is a copolymer of acrylonitrile (A) and styrene (S). It has moderate climate resistance and is not affected by high humidity. It is resistant to general grease, detergent and light alcohol. It has poor fatigue resistance. It is not easy to crack due to stress. The material has high transparency and better fluidity than ABS.
Suitable plastic products: trays, cups, tableware, toothbrushes, refrigerator panels, knobs, lighting accessories, accessories, instrument mirrors, packaging boxes, stationery.
2. ABS acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymer
ABS acrylonitrile (chemical corrosion resistance, surface hardness) butadiene (toughness) styrene (good processability, good dyeing resistance, poor weather resistance, easy oxidation) has good comprehensive properties, high impact toughness and good mechanical properties, excellent heat and oil resistance and chemical stability, size stability, easy mechanical processing, surface electroplating, good electrical properties.
Suitable plastic products: general structure or wear-resistant force transmission parts and corrosion-resistant equipment. Gears, pump impellers, bearings, handles, pipes, motor housing, electronic parts, watchcase, water tank housing, refrigeratory and refrigerator housing, stationery, toys.
3. GPPS Modified Polystyrene 204
Transparency of 88-92%, refractive index of 1.59-1.60, suitable for translucent products, strong dyeing, non-toxic and tasteless, non-bacterial growth, high impact strength, acid and alkali resistance, resistance to solvent, excellent electrical properties, easy to shape, moisture absorption less than 0.02% can maintain strength and size in high humidity, but brittle.
Suitable plastic products: decorations, lighting signs, lampshades, stationery, transparent toys, daily necessities, instrument lenses, refrigerators and refrigerator insulation layer (after foaming).
4. HIPS High Impact Polystyrene
The impact strength of the compositions containing rubber is greatly improved. The buckles and pillars can be designed on the products, and the pillars can also be tapped by self-tapping screw, which can be used for a long time at 85 degrees, and the aging acceleration life is reduced.
Suitable plastic products: all kinds of household appliances, stationery, toys, electronic parts, electronic instrument shells, refrigerators and refrigerator shells, telephone sets.
5. PP polypropylene folder
Similar to white wax, it is more transparent and lighter than polyethylene. It has good fluidity, water absorption less than 0.02%, chemical resistance to organic solvents, stability in many media except concentrated nitric acid and concentrated sulfuric acid, high impact strength, high back and forth yield, poor high frequency electrical property, high shrinkage rate, high temperature resistance, brittleness at low temperature and low wear resistance.
Suitable plastic products: general structural parts, corrosion resistant parts, heated electrical insulation parts. All kinds of household goods, stationery, toys, chemical containers, medical supplies.
6. PE polyethylene
Suitable plastic products: general cable wrapping, corrosion resistant parts, surface coating. HDPE: plastic bags, daily necessities buckets, wires, toys, building materials. LDPE: Rubber bag, glue, toys, high frequency wire.
7. PMMA polymethacrylate sub-afterburner PMMA
Suitable plastic products: transparent structural parts with certain strength requirements. Instrument lenses, optical products, electrical, medical equipment, transparent models, decorations, sunglasses, billboards.
8. PVC Soft PVC
Soft and rubbing resistance, flexibility, good elasticity, low water absorption, easy processing and forming, good cold resistance and electrical properties, strong chemical stability, flame resistance, sound absorption and shock absorption can produce a variety of bright and transparent products, rigid PVC mechanical strength is higher. But the temperature is low (- 15 - +55 degrees).
Suitable plastic products: usually made into pipes, rods, sheets, insulation wrapping, surface soft wrapping. Household goods, stationery, packaging materials, sports equipment, water pipes, etc.
9. PC Polycarbonate
It has outstanding impact toughness and creep resistance, high heat resistance, good cold resistance, brittle temperature up to - 100 degrees, bending strength and nylon equivalent, and has higher elongation and modulus of elasticity, but fatigue strength is less than nylon 66. Low water absorption, small shrinkage, good dimensional stability, forming parts can reach very precise tolerance, and maintain dimensional stability in a wide range of changes. The wear resistance is similar to that of nylon and has certain corrosion resistance, but the forming conditions are demanding. It can be used at high dry temperature and high load for a long time, but not at humid temperature.
Suitable plastic products: various gears, turbines, racks, cams, bearings, spindles, pulleys, transmission chains, nuts, washers, pump impellers, lampshades, containers, shells, caps, high temperature electrical products, wind drum shells, bull shells, motor shells, toolboxes, milk bottles, camera parts, safety caps, food plates, medical equipment, CD, etc.
Others: suitable thickness of 2-3.5mm with shrinkage of 0.5-0.7%. Overflow boundary value 0.06mm
The shrinkage, mechanical strength and temperature resistance of PC can be improved by adding glass fibre. The steel property will increase when PC is used for a long time at about 100 degrees. The products can be annealed to improve the internal stress.